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Life Awakening helps people apply and learn how to apply the Gospel of Jesus Christ on a daily basis so they can experience the Gospel’s power to bring freedom, healing and victory!

Prayer Ministry Sessions

With a facilitator leading, you can apply and experience the Gospel Process: Embrace, Die, Bury, Rise so you can walk in daily  freedom, healing and victory from sin and pain!

Penny Illustration

Learn how to not take in sin and pain as illustrated through the Penny Illustration.

The Gospel Process Changes Everything

Lifestyle Seminar

Through this Seminar, you can learn how to enjoy life while not taking in sin and pain.

Awakened to Life Within Application Guide

This Application Guide will cause you to diig deeper into God's Word and your own heart, so you can learn how to apply and experience the Gospel Process to your daily life.

Awakened to Life Within Training

Do you sense a calling to help others out of sin and pain?  If so, this training will help you.

Book Release Coming Soon

Revised Second Edition

"Linda Ingham has masterfully written, “Awakened to Life Within.” This book will be a pathway to freedom and healing for many. It is an amazing tool, based on the finished work of the cross, that brings us back to God’s original design and intention for our lives. Using the four simple scriptural steps of; embracing the pain, dying to the pain, burying the pain, and rising to new life, the door is opened for the Holy Spirit to bring wholeness and healing to our lives. Linda explains how sin and pain separate us from our eternal and intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, from our true selves, and from healthy personal relationships with others. Without these healthy relationships we cannot discover and walk in our God-given design and destiny. Thank you, Linda, for sharing with us the revelation found in the pages of this book that leads us into true freedom, healing and victory"

Larry and LaVerne Kreider

Authors and International Director of DOVE International - Ephrata, PA


“Through graceful teaching, supportive coaching, and reassuring presence, Linda skillfully guides us to make the truth of the gospel operational. Her analogies, stories, and summaries make this book so helpful in applying the gospel of Jesus Christ to the sin and pain of life experiences. This approach to healing is scripturally simple and simply scriptural." 

Keith E. Yoder, Ed. D., Founder, Teaching the Word Ministries, Leola, PA

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The Gospel Changes Everything